The varieties of Christian-Muslim encounter: confrontation and respect.

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desc : Despite their conflicts, Islam and Christianity share a history of mutual influence, with each often, and in different ways, developing its identity in reaction to the other. The atelier will look at a range of key authors from both traditions, illustrating the varieties of interaction at different periods: the formative age of Islam (7th-12th centuries), when its thinkers were drawing on Christian thought-forms despite the difference in content; the Enlightenment and its aftermath, marked by moves towards modernism and fundamentalism; and recent decades, with thinkers in both traditions developing theologies of religions

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Jesuit, studied German Literature, Catholic Theology and Islamic Studies in Freiburg, Bochum and Frankfurt. He received a PhD with a thesis on Jean-Luc Marion and graduated in Islamic Theology with a study on the figure of Paul of Tarsus in present Turkish theology and classical sources. At the moment he is Junior professor for “Catholic Theology in the light of Islam” at Sankt Georgen Graduate school of Philosophy and Theology, Frankfurt.

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mardi 12 novembre 2019

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mardi 10 décembre 2019


Mardi de 16h45 à 19h15

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