Political Theology in Turbulent Times

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The atelier will explore the options for ‘political theology’ in a turbulent European cultural context: the fragmentation of the post-war European political consensus, the prevalence of ‘post-truth’ and ‘fake news’, the rise of extremism and intolerance, the often violent ‘return of religion’. The collapse of the early modern Westphalian settlement demands ‘an awareness of what is missing’ (Habermas). Can the Church, and Christian tradition, still offer political wisdom? We will explore the use of theological and biblical tropes- ‘messianic’, ‘apocalyptic’, ‘eucharist’- by the new wave of political theologians and religious theorists (G. Agamben, W.T. Cavanaugh, R. Girard).

Ouvert sur autorisation du directeur de cycle, formulaire à demander au secrétariat.

Avec :

Michael KIRWAN

Jésuite, enseignant à Loyola Institute, Trinity College Dublin ; docteur en théologie systématique (Heythrop College, Université de Londres), spécialiste de théologie politique, ainsi que de la question « religion et violence » (R. Girard).

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