Ignatian spirituality : history, themes and motifs

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Ignatian spirituality has been lived out in different ways between the time of Ignatius Loyola and the present day. In particular, the major changes provoked by Vatican II’s renovatio accommodata were informed by the important historical research that enabled the Ignatian family to retrieve insights long forgotten, and to strike out in significant new directions.

Any history of Ignatian spirituality will distinguish, at least informally, the foundational period centred on Ignatius and the first companions, the consolidation associated with Claudio Acquaviva, the movement of restoration spearheaded by Jan Philipp Roothaan, and the conciliar renewal led by Pedro Arrupe. This seminar aims to give students a first sense of the diversity of the Ignatian tradition by looking at how key motifs of Ignatian spirituality were understood in different ways in each of these periods. We will look at such themes as: the grace focused in the life of Ignatius; the relationship between prayer and action; obedience and discernment. Each session will normally have a seminar-discussion of a particular point, to which all students are expected to contribute, and a short lecture or class filling in the wider context.

Input mostly in English; discussion in French and English.

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