Nos étudiants indiens vainqueurs du tournoi inter-séminaires de pétanque !


Entraînés par le P. Marc Rastoin, les étudiants indiens résidant à la Communauté de la rue Blomet, sont devenus champions de pétanque ! Un apprentissage de la culture française, comme en témoigne un des étudiants.

« From the game of marbles in India to a french game called Pétanque, this change has been an opening wedge to me for getting in-cultured into this new french culture. The inter seminary pétanque tournament held in Paris, was a moment of joy and pride to me, when I heard the other seminarians say « You Jesuits are tough ». This greatness of toiling each day while practicing and learning to play amidst our studies was evidently a sign of being tough in all that we do. Indeed it was a pleasure winning the first game, this makes me want to aim for many more in all the mission that we do. » Avinash D’souza